More About My Lattice Obsession


I started finding these unplanned lattice structures developing in my abstract art (and even in my portraits) around 2007. It was like they were being channelled through me, and this is no different to how most good paintings happen.

When I contemplate these lines, ofcourse they are another way of creating the tension between foreground and backbround, as in most abstract art. But they are also an allusion to the kind of things I read : string theory in theoretical physics, dimensions in Buddhist theory or energy fields in elctromagnetic spectrum illustrations. All strange things that tend to sit in the mind and percolate up much later when one is brushing one’s teeth, or maybe doing a painting.

Whatever they mean, these lattice lines appear again and again in my work.

Author: algernoneldritch

Artist (Kieran Forster) focused on abstraction, portraiture and the understanding of the mind / body / soul dynamic.

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