The Unconscious Impinges


The Unconscious mind impinges on the art process all the time. Not in a generic sense, but specifically. For example, the above image was a portrait of a friend. The day after I finished it, I realised it had an uncanny resemblance to Vladimir Putin. For the week prior, I had been immersing myself in understanding the Ukraine problem. I had watched footage of Putin talking. Quite frankly, I found him frightening…Machiavellian, cunning, cold and detached. How his image emerged unconsciously into the portrait of another person is amazing. It has happened many times to me. In fact, this reality exists in parallel with the other reality about art making : it is more a process of channelling rather than the creation by the artist’s ego.

Author: algernoneldritch

Artist (Kieran Forster) focused on abstraction, portraiture and the understanding of the mind / body / soul dynamic.

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