Kieran Forster (aka Algernon Eldritch)


It is very hard to be both a patient recovering from serious surgery who is also a senior doctor. Some people say doctors are the worst patients. Maybe this is because we understand the thinking and processes behind the behaviour of those “looking after” us. It is very challenging when doctors who are temporarily patients have to self-advocate because they are not getting what they perceive appropriate or necessary treatment. For example, you may be suffering pain from an operation but have to argue for more or different pain relief. Hospital policies may prevent you accessing appropriate analgesia or sleeping medication in the needed amounts, or a negative dynamic might arise between you and nursing staff, reflecting long-bubbling tensions between the two professions. Anyway, I have seen doctors have an extra hard time as patients. I wish this would change as the overall health system becomes increasingly transparent and subject to critique. If doctors have a hard time in hospital because of  a dysfunctional dynamic, how challenging a time must the non-doctor patient have.

The image reflects pain as well as war paint.

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