Kieran Forster (aka Algernon Eldritch)

Europe….the cracks are visible

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On this trip to Europe, there have been a few things I’ve noticed that seem different to previous trips. All those reports we have all seen about African and Middle Eastern migrants appearing on the shores of southern Italy….well, its not just southern Italy. Our hotel is near the central station of Milan ….our cabbie confirmed that around 100 migrants rejected by France appear here everyday. They sleep rough in the environs of the monolithic Milan train station. These displaced people co-exist with the high fashion and international financial centres that Milan is known for. They are the symbolic Other, not part of the new society except as outsiders, interlopers, or the rejected. It appears they inspire a mixture of pity, resentment and indifference. They stand out even more to me , having just come from Nice where so many relax in the sun and enjoy beautiful hotels. I hope Europe can find a better solution for these people than what I am seeing from my hotel window.

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