Kieran Forster (aka Algernon Eldritch)

“Wearing Short Sleeves at Work”…I have a dear friend, a leader in his medical speciality. He once reminded me that even though we put on a certain professional role at “work”, the power of healing in psychiatry comes from maintaining authenticity to oneself and therefore to our patients. It was exactly what I thought in my own mind. Wearing short sleeves at work refers to being a little more open and less hidden behind a role, a uniform, a tone. It’s good to have friends like this…they are like angelic guides (and this, even though he is a strong atheist). The painting exudes happiness because it is about a sense of ultimate freedom.

“Not Everyone Will Like You”…and this refers to the reality that the authentic self may invite criticism, but that’s okay. So the tones are again joyous.

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