Kieran Forster (aka Algernon Eldritch)

Algernon Eldritch came about as a pseudonym under which I painted. The name came to me fully-formed and almost psychically! For me, it represents old world values of art or perhaps what I wish were the true values that should underlie the creation and transfer of art images. The name probably represents qualities I at times might idealise or place value upon. Algernon is a very old, antiquated name that suggests someone who doesn’t fit into a world of rampant narcissism, celebrities of nihilistic emptiness and reality tv obsessions. Algernon is an outsider. Eldritch is an adjective that outsider horror writer H.P.Lovecraft used repeatedly and annoyingly throughout his strange but authentic opus of short stories and novellas. So together, the two words create the idea of an outsider that might just be capable of living in the warm embrace of a creative life that we all ascribe to “successful” artists. But what is success for an artist? And aren’t we all trying to live with a sense of the magical that art is meant to bring? Creating a pseudonym artist was a fun way of reminding me and my followers how I question my art without becoming overly serious about it. So that’s Algernon for you.







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