Kieran Forster (aka Algernon Eldritch)

Thoughts of Finding the Quiet

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Life these days in the cities of eternal business and busy-ness is inherently depletive of meaning. It only takes a short trip away into the wilder zones outside the city to realize there are many places of quiet. Or at least places where the sounds are less human : the sound of the waves, the hum of the forest, the silence of the forest at night. We are often offered now techniques of meditation and contemplation, in an effort to regain what we have lost (see the great book “The Quiet” by Paul Wilson regarding methods of meditation).

There is also the mere presence of other humans that bring us back into the white noise of our social nature. We seem to crave some alone time as well as down time. These thoughts are not inherently misanthropic… just more realistic. Perhaps a sign of age?  Perhaps honesty ?

These paintings are about finding the Quiet, whether in a landscape or internally through a meditative practice. The colours are muted. The atmosphere is one of peace and perhaps silence.





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