Kieran Forster (aka Algernon Eldritch)

The first season of the tv series True Detective essentially brought together several literary and philosophical themes to create a real mythos over 8 episodes. What were the ingredients of this “mere” tv series that could inspire further works of art? It seemed to link nihilistic and existentialist philosophy with Lovecraftian literary horror and its antecedents, as well as Cajun flavours, the nature of Evil and the question of identity. All of it was done in my opinion almost seamlessly and the photograghy was superlative. Still, this doesn’t capture why it is powerful enough to inspire more art. That is the mystery ingredient of all great drama, all superior film. The Yellow King is the leader of the cult in the series that is pursued in an act of moralistic heroism by the unforgettable character of Rustin Cohle. All I can say it has kept me thinking about the series for quite a few months. Thus the paintings must come.



yellow king.jpg

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