Kieran Forster (aka Algernon Eldritch)

This is the way I previously described my work. “Organicity” is the concept that I coined. It really boils down to capturing the essence and form of Nature in paintings. In other words, all the lines and structures and repeated forms are all reminiscent of what you see in the world of nature. Energy forms are the parlance of physics, and so many paintings are an attempt to create a visual portrayal of energy, whether it’s electromagnetic or gravitational or dark matter. This then is in metaphorical resonance with our internal energies and emotional states. We emerge into bardo states and meditative contemplation states of mind. That’s what this “Organicity” thing was all about. Now it’s too jargonised for me to refer to. The description or theorising about art should never be necessary for full experience of the depth of a painting. I want a person who has never read about art to feel and enter into the visual world inside a frame that is a metaphor for their own Self.


K. Forster's Solo Exhibition.jpg

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