Kieran Forster (aka Algernon Eldritch)




Travel? Once you’ve done enough, it all merges into one long journey in your memory. I like this because you have photographs that aren’t immediately self-revealing about the where. Weirdly enough or amazingly enough, this experience of travel remembered coincides with all that strange quantum physics stuff that trickles down to most of us through translaters of science.

In particular, there is the idea that our minds impose Time onto our experience to make it intellectually manageable. This is the idea that Time does not truly exist, and that our experience of past / present / future is illusory. Go read summaries of Einstein, Bohr et. al. if you think I’m exaggerating. Go look up Biocentrism for a real wobbly one…

So, getting back to my point….when you have done enough travel, especially a lot of travel as people are able to do today, it all easily becomes One Narrative. That’s why these beautiful beach rocks in the post were timeless and placeless for me, well, at least until I thought really hard about where we were. I kinda like that.

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