Kieran Forster (aka Algernon Eldritch)

I’m not talking about that first year linguistics theory that I bet doesn’t mean much to most. Naming paintings always tends to orient the viewer for better or worse. It’s a “for the worst” scenario when the name distracts the viewer from experiencing the painting and instead creates another walk down a pathway of allegedly critical thinking. That is, another step into the quicksand of analytical thought, or the characteristically judgemental, Left-brained reduction of art into theory. Since Structuralism is a linguistic theory, I probably shouldn’t have named these paintings that. Let’s just say it was…ironic. Yep. That’s it.


structuralism 1 .jpg

Structuralism 1 (180x120cm MM on canvas)

structuralism 3.jpg

Structuralism 3 (150 x 100cm mm in canvas)


structuralism 2.jpg

Structuralism 3 (120x120cm mm on canvas)


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