About Kieran



I am an Australian visual artist with a history of solo exhibitions and a substantial online following. (I am also a  psychiatrist in private practice, based in tropical Brisbane, Australia.) Before I studied medicine and psychiatry, I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Continental Philosophy ….that’s the background to all the art work you see here and at http://www.kieranforster.com.

I am not aligned with any gallery by choice. I do not believe a gallery owner should have any power over the value of my work, either to me or to others.  I identify with the “outsider” artist tradition as it allows most free thought and freedom of expression.

Although I sell my work regularly, I am strongly opposed to the commodification of art or the use of art as a currency of prestige. It distracts from the great gift art gives to the soul of the modern self, seeker of meaning and hoping for more as it must. Ofcourse I believe an artist should be paid reasonably for their work, but that is not my motivating drive.

I am writing this blog in response to the many questions I have received about my work, as well as from a desire to help all of you maintain a sense of the aesthetic and creative in your own interior worlds. Being a psychiatrist, it’s impossible not to bring a desire to help and heal in the motivation to create. And being a psychiatrist, certain experiences cannot help but inform my art.

Writing itself for me is a wonderful form of self-expression that compliments my daily practice of painting and drawing. Dare I say it, writing as well as painting in the same day  has opened vistas of thought that have lain in shadow for many years. Maybe becoming more creative could help the spirit that struggles to speak….but now we’re getting radical!

I use Algernon Eldritch sometimes as a pseudonym because it reminds me that I am not a prisoner of the identities bestowed upon me by birth, geography, course of study or designated authority in the non-art world. Algernon Eldritch is a reference to the writer H.P.Lovecraft’s favourite hyperbolic word “eldritch”and thus his strange tales (Not his politics) and the Algernon just sounds reassuring to me…old-worldly but interesting. Nothing to be taken too seriously. The heart of art is play and freedom, I believe.

I wish to thank all of you for your support and interest.