More Ochre Studies

Living in Australia, having been to the great desert wilderness of the north (and centre), I cannot help but work with ochres over the years, again and again. It is the Earth, in depth. It always reminds me of how the original people of the country painted on rock using countless shades of ochre, and painted their faces too, thus connecting themselves yet again to that which produced the Dreaming. The Earth is the Dreaming.






Haunted by the Dreaming

Even though I have travelled to most of the places in the world that I wanted to, my recent trip to the great North of my country has stayed with me like no other. The paintings that have come from this trip are reminiscent of the lines and linkages in traditional Aboriginal art. I am very conscious that these paintings are “through the eyes of the white man”. I hope my Aboriginal friends understand that these paintings come from a sense of awe and astonishment at the depth of their ancient culture. Now, instead of thinking about another trip to Paris or wherever, now I think of returning to Northern Australia. That is my white man dreaming.






“Over-determined” art

As an Australian artist who has travelled to the North, the presence of aboriginal art imagery is never far from the Unconscious. Equally, as a doctor who was once immersed in the microscopic imagery studied as a student, the world of the cellular also lurks in the depths of the mind. Then add some apparent unconnected material : mapping, dark matter, rivers in motion and the Ocean. This is what you get: