Abandoned school in Penang

I took these photos in an old girls school in the centre of Penang. All around are the remnants of the colonial era . But this school remains empty and decaying because of the belief it is haunted . It was a pleasure to shoot.        Read more

From “ancientartist.typepad.com”

Four Realities for the 21st Century Artist January 07, 2015 1. There will always be gatekeepers.   Some are obvious, some you might not expect.  The least expected gatekeeper is money, keeping artists away from their work, short on supplies, and limited in their ability to learn. 2. Art is not a linear progression.  What art has always been is a partial reflection of the culture of the time. As an organizing concept in Art History, we like to connect oneRead more

Guardian article on abstraction by Jonathon Jones

Abstract art unlocks the truth about the universe Great abstract painters like Pollock and Monet lose themselves in colour, sensation and memory to show that reality is subjective Inner and outer space … detail from Jackson Pollock’s Blue Poles (Number 11, 1952) Photograph: Reuters Abstract art is a kind of miracle. How can a painting that is just a white surface, or a swirl of colour, mean something? But it can and it does, and the unlikely greatness of abstractionRead more