“The Trauma-Givers”

In the minds of many psychotherapists out there, as they try to make sense of the narratives they have heard in their work and in their lives, sometimes an overarching theme takes form. It is meta-explanation for all the dark material their patients and clients have expressed to them in the near-sacred space of the therapy room. For some, it is biological : dysfunction of brain chemistry. Or it could be social : illness resulting from poverty, social exclusion, unemployment,Read more

“Over-determined” art

As an Australian artist who has travelled to the North, the presence of aboriginal art imagery is never far from the Unconscious. Equally, as a doctor who was once immersed in the microscopic imagery studied as a student, the world of the cellular also lurks in the depths of the mind. Then add some apparent unconnected material : mapping, dark matter, rivers in motion and the Ocean. This is what you get:Read more