Countdown to solo show

Just a week to go but life doesn’t stop, it doesn’t even care.

Last chance to see how the textures and the surfaces work, and also to choose the paintings that will be hung in what order…

only thing left is to choose the type of varnish, matte or gloss or epoxy.

then we are done.





Days before the show

A week before the show, you start to bring out the little extra creativity and that means all kinds of last minute experiments can happen. It’s also an interesting time because people buy paintings pre-show…..and yesterday, one of the big diptyches sold. More interesting, the visceral reaction to paintings that helps me select which pieces will go into the show.







It’s What YOU see

My friend today saw my old portrait of Donnie Darko in my abstraction about Dread. I love that this is possible in people who actually care enough and look at paintings. Then again, he was recovering in hospital on pain medications, so….hmmmm



Two Paintings Talking to Each Other

It’s a rare thing to see two of my paintings in close proximity in an open plan house of great beauty and angelic light. Speaking to each other. Having a silent conversation. At times arguing. One is cynical and hurt, the other a passionate figure bleeding emotionality. Yet there they were, set up, in conversation. That’s when you realise your art has a life separate from your self.