TheToxic Workplace

What a challenge the toxic workplace is! That’s where you find the myriad forms of dysfunctional work culture lead by the many forms of dysfunctional power bosses. These bosses are one of the following, or a combination : hateful, undermining, indifferent / absent, blaming, abusive, callous and indifferent. These traits are often accompanied by a high level of hypocrisy and a low level of self-awareness. The workplace itself is characterised by repeated loss of staff, very low morale, silent resignation and depression in staff members, and irrational bursts of apparent empathy by the bosses (usually very superficial). The question is “Am I ok with this type of workplace in our society?” It’s the same question as “Am I ok with bullying at school?”


This painting is about the cycles of mood in living within  traumatic circumstance.


Better Angels


This painting is about the conflict between the Ego and “the better angels of our nature” (an expression of Abraham Lincoln?). The Ego and egoism are in my opinion the main reason we are in the mess we are in. We have the ability to see this and to rise above this base level of the self. To do this, we need to re-engage the better aspects of ourselves and decline to engage in ego-driven, power-seeking behaviour. Thus the painting is in tension between the red and the blue. Blood red. Light blue. Centripetal force.