Lattice painting

I became interested in nets and lattices as a metaphor for energy of all kinds some years ago. As an artist whose influences range from physics to Buddhism to psychiatry, energy is the common thread :emotional energy, the multiple energy forms in physics, the energy we confront in dealing with mental conflicts etc. So often times in my work you will see a colour and a superimposed interlacing lattice of lines. This is where the motif comes from. This paintingRead more

Energy Fields

It’s fairly obvious that I have a thematic preoccupation with “energy fields”. As several people have implied in their comments, what am I on about here? ┬áIn our emotional lives, in our scientific discourses and in our colloquialisms, we are immersed in the concept of the energy field. In physics, every theory engages the concept of the field, whether it be gravitational, electromagnetic, or quantum fields. Ancient Chinese medicine speaks of energy fields or meridians of the body. We hearRead more