The ghosts of the forest studio

Sometimes I don’t get a chance to visit my bush studio for weeks on end as I live in the city. When I do get there, it’s an interesting experience to follow a path in the forest to enter a roomy studio with familiar and large paintings that seem to be made by someone else. (Generally I feel most “good” artists are the best at opening themselves to that creativity that surrounds us.) So the bush studio feels like aRead more

Primal Architecture

Architecture is the underlying structure of a building. The original plan. Painting is often the attempt to see the structure amidst the chaos and broken lines and the organic forms. The organicity of the green world of flora takes over buildings in apocalyptic visions. In this picture, the world of straight lines is being taken over the green world of organicity. The old architecture is losing. Is something more beautiful taking over? Perhaps a return to the primal world ofRead more