The Final Wash(up)

This series of paintings is quite personal to me. Without overstating it, a friend of mine has needed multiple surgeries following a hit and run crime against him while riding his bike to work one morning. I have watched him from the first days in hospital (just out of ICU) all the way to watching him work out despite pain.

So, the experience has raised again the nature of illness and recovery as a theme for me. Other related themes include pain as a barrier, the role of the will, family dynamics around a near death experience and the reality of life with the remnants of an injury.

As an artist, all I can do is to paint and draw etc. I have done that. What I wanted to point out is that it’s the process of recovering most visible to the eye. Thus, the painting was a process…washed and re-washed until it finally settled. What is at the end of a big-hearted determination to recover is….a bigger heart. Green in my palette is the healing colour too.


Unexpected Kindness

This painting has the vibrance of the feeling of gratitude following an act of kindness. There is great power in being in the light of the feeling of gratitude for kindness. The world is full to overflowing of cynicism, hatred, egotism, narcissism and self-loathing. We traumatise each other as a way of life. So when kindness is suddenly shown to exist again, one can feel energised and re-engaged in the optimism of gratitude. That’s why this painting is passionate and could even be called “loud”, but hopefully in a life-affirming way.