Selves in Spaces

  Another interesting way of doing self-portraits (or portraits generally, for that matter) is to focus on the home space, the studio space or the work space. The idea is earth-shatteringly simple: the places we inhabit most of the time contain a part of our essence and act like mirrors that reflect the bigger question of True Identity. For example, there are two places excluding work that I inhabit and feel like they reflect back at me my own identity.Read more

Selves in Portrait

Like the art of journal-keeping, the art of the self-portrait is a time-honoured way of following the sense we have of our Self over time. Generally speaking, they are not about narcissism or pathological self-love or self-obsession. Rather, the art of the self portrait is about attention to the many ways we exist in the world and as such, is a meditation on identity. Pathological narcissism (WARNING : shrink talk imminent) is about creating a defensive carapace that tries toRead more

Painting Iconic Ages

Us abstractionists are always looking for more projects to take on. The other day I wrote about “painting a book”, that is, capturing the atmosphere of a book in a mix of color and forms. This project is about delving deep into personal memory in an attempt to paint certain ages of significance. The process is the point, yet again.Read more

The purposeĀ 

This is one of the few posts you will ever see here that involves knowledge obtained directly from putting in many hours as a psychiatrist (as well as an artist). I just read an article by some self-appointed and probably well-intentioned authority on how to be successful as an artist. It Ofcourse boiled down to the thesis “keep building your reputation, your prestige, your rating and your profile”. In other words, keep working away at making yourself known by asRead more


One of the basic, recurrent themes is Identity. It’s the universal question of who am I? The Buddhists deny there is a self in any objective sense, the Existentialists see a rain of angst requiring decisive application of will-power to create a Self, and an influential school of psychology sees the self as made up of fundamental narcissistic needs that must be fulfilled if one is to be healthy. Where does that leave us? I choose the messiness of portaitsRead more