Circadian Rhythms

Recent and buiding evidence has shown how we are all running on timed patterns of rising and falling neurochemicals. Our hormones, our neurotransmitters, our insulin sensitivity are likely following a set rhythm. From there you can imagine how our levels of fatigue and motivation and anxiety, to name a few parameters, are interacting in a highly integrated way. I was amazed to see recent evidence of why we have that 2-3pm slump of concentration. It seems a part of ourRead more

It’s What YOU see

My friend today saw my old portrait of Donnie Darko in my abstraction about Dread. I love that this is possible in people who actually care enough and look at paintings. Then again, he was recovering in hospital on pain medications, so….hmmmmRead more

The Final Wash(up)

This series of paintings is quite personal to me. Without overstating it, a friend of mine has needed multiple surgeries following a hit and run crime against him while riding his bike to work one morning. I have watched him from the first days in hospital (just out of ICU) all the way to watching him work out despite pain. So, the experience has raised again the nature of illness and recovery as a theme for me. Other related themesRead more

Going for Surgery

There are some pessimistic or “realist” philosophers who warn us that life is full of hardships. Did they mention the modern medical matrix in which the self exists in a world between medical interventions, diagnoses and treatments of varying resemblance to mediaeval tortures? Ofcourse I am exaggerating. Or amI? Not sure. Never liked blood so I may be biased. Surgery is one of the most interventionist kinds of treatment. A mixture of pain and the possibility of relatively quick relief.Read more