a painting that has waited long

Being interviewed by Travis Hendrix the other day, I spoke about a smaller subset of paintings that I cannot evaluate. I kept this because my wife said she liked it. Now I can see it was worth keeping…



Recent White Outs

This is another one in my sculptural, tactile series of “White-Outs”. Meant to run your hand over the surface. It is moving into the most sculptured surface available to a non-installation artist or a non-sculptor. That’s the idea anyway. It is organicity rediscovered and revisited. It is the ancient cave paintings in the Kakadu.




Primal Architecture


Architecture is the underlying structure of a building. The original plan. Painting is often the attempt to see the structure amidst the chaos and broken lines and the organic forms. The organicity of the green world of flora takes over buildings in apocalyptic visions. In this picture, the world of straight lines is being taken over the green world of organicity. The old architecture is losing. Is something more beautiful taking over? Perhaps a return to the primal world of endless forest?