Lattice painting

I became interested in nets and lattices as a metaphor for energy of all kinds some years ago. As an artist whose influences range from physics to Buddhism to psychiatry, energy is the common thread :emotional energy, the multiple energy forms in physics, the energy we confront in dealing with mental conflicts etc. So often times in my work you will see a colour and a superimposed interlacing lattice of lines. This is where the motif comes from. This paintingRead more

More Ochre Studies

Living in Australia, having been to the great desert wilderness of the north (and centre), I cannot help but work with ochres over the years, again and again. It is the Earth, in depth. It always reminds me of how the original people of the country painted on rock using countless shades of ochre, and painted their faces too, thus connecting themselves yet again to that which produced the Dreaming. The Earth is the Dreaming.    Read more

“The Trauma-Givers”

In the minds of many psychotherapists out there, as they try to make sense of the narratives they have heard in their work and in their lives, sometimes an overarching theme takes form. It is meta-explanation for all the dark material their patients and clients have expressed to them in the near-sacred space of the therapy room. For some, it is biological : dysfunction of brain chemistry. Or it could be social : illness resulting from poverty, social exclusion, unemployment,Read more

The purposeĀ 

This is one of the few posts you will ever see here that involves knowledge obtained directly from putting in many hours as a psychiatrist (as well as an artist). I just read an article by some self-appointed and probably well-intentioned authority on how to be successful as an artist. It Ofcourse boiled down to the thesis “keep building your reputation, your prestige, your rating and your profile”. In other words, keep working away at making yourself known by asRead more

The opinions of others

Being a producer of art, whatever that is, one is exposed to a whole range of opinions and responses. It’s a fair question to ask “What do you think of the opinions people express about your art?” The bottom line is that I am not all that interested in praise or recognition. Rather, I produce paintings as a form of authenticity to myself and as a way of being true to my self. As a social being, I value feelingRead more

Ubirr, Kakadu

Recently we travelled to Kakadu and saw the ancient aboriginal rock art as the sun set on the distant horizon. Having travelled to many places in the wider world, it was a very special experience to see this part of our country. The ancient rock art reminds you of the highest, most authentic meaning art can offer you. Whatever it was, it was the opposite of art as commodity. It was art as spirituality, art as ultimate reality, art asRead more


This painting is one from a series attempting to describe the practice of meditation (at least the way I try to do it). As I focus on the breath, shapes and colours and stories flow through consciousness.Read more

pain in the body

    There are pains everywhere In the back and in the jaw In the feet and in the tail bone In fact there is pain out there as well We wonder what God or Goddess Is running the show? We walk around going nuts There is a difference between everyone The body needs more muscle But the commitment to work out Is weak We think that walking every evening is enough At least it keeps you moving Like aRead more

burnt eyes

“Burnt Eyes”….this about the struggle against chronic pain. There can be beauty in struggles against hard foes like pain. It can be okay.Read more

friendship and a life review

Sometimes I do small paintings that aren’t too serious. On the other hand, these larger paintings are more serious and concern important themes in one’s life. Without friendship, there is nothing. And a life review focuses on how we have dealt with our friends, our failings and the times we have shown all the virtues friendship allows : loyalty, love, empathy and understanding.Read more