The Lake

There is a lake not far from where we live in the inner city but it seems like it is millennia away in time. For me, lakes are incredibly primordial and sacred. They are a little frightening when the dark of night falls. I like that. The photography is better as the sun sets. Maybe this is when the spirits come out. The lake, in every continent I have sought it out, is communicating to me in a nurturing way.Read more

The Abandoned School (more)

So, back to our trip to photograph the old abandoned art school in our area. What made it so interesting? In fact what makes many photographers seek out ruined urban structures the world over? The genre is known as Urbex or urban exploration. My guess is ruins create the sense of going back in time and somehow walking through the skeleton of the past. Another reason is that our society is utterly focused on places that have clear functional valueRead more

Forbidden City, Beijing

What an amazing place, the Forbidden City in the middle of the insane and overwhelming metropolis of Beijing. This is the moat that surrounds the many royal buildings and football field sized expanses of paved stone.Read more

Modern sculpture overlooking Naples

Interesting how while we were on a day trip from Rome to Pompeii, we were on a hillside and saw these amazing pieces. Pompeii had seemed a little bored with its tourists and bland tourist guides. These pieces seemed to be a modern comment on decay and memory, each apparently left to decay on wild hillsides. They stared at the passing somewhat jaded tourists with a power and freshness that the well-trodden Pompeii site was losing.Read more

Old man in Sri Lanka

This photo was taken in 2012. This old man had lived through the tsunami and probably many other tribulations of life. His face was so expressive of the passage of time and trials that I asked our guide to ask him for permission to take his portrait. He was happy to, although as soon as I started focusing on him, he seemed to enter a trance of a few seconds, in which all his life was expressed in his face.Read more


This is one of the monstrously beautiful structures you see through the deep smog in Beijing. It is…huge. The structural design is very original. I took this picture from a car window while being driven on one of Beijing’s interminable highways. Strangely, these highways were quite lawless and seemingly dominated by late model black Audis. Such is China.Read more

Art lover

I love this photo. Although the commodification of art is depressing, seeing a person immersed in “looking” is a beautiful thing that keeps an artist plugging away at their work. My attitude to the commodification of art will be explained in a future post.Read more