The Lake

There is a lake not far from where we live in the inner city but it seems like it is millennia away in time. For me, lakes are incredibly primordial and sacred. They are a little frightening when the dark of night falls. I like that. The photography is better as the sun sets. Maybe this is when the spirits come out. The lake, in every continent I have sought it out, is communicating to me in a nurturing way. Maybe Jung would say lakes are like a great mother, I don’t know. Whatever the case, a lake is a special liminal zone that we must protect. This one has a wood structure on it, which adds to its great beauty.









The Abandoned School (more)

IMG_6737_2 IMG_7028_2 IMG_7030_2 IMG_7039_2

So, back to our trip to photograph the old abandoned art school in our area. What made it so interesting? In fact what makes many photographers seek out ruined urban structures the world over? The genre is known as Urbex or urban exploration.

My guess is ruins create the sense of going back in time and somehow walking through the skeleton of the past. Another reason is that our society is utterly focused on places that have clear functional value ie places that are being used.  Everything in our society (including ourselves) is defined by being useful. Buildings which no longer have a use are therefore all the more interesting. They become art, which has been defined by someone as the epitome of usefulness.

This point leads to the final reason why ruined buildings are interesting. Art is not useless…it is of paramount use because that which is beautiful is needed by the soul. Ruined buildings are like this….fading colours, organic interruption of surfaces by moulds, pooling of water from dysfunctional ceilings, chairs and table strewn about like a installation piece called “Useless”. Ruins are very beautiful.

Forbidden City, Beijing

IMG_5201 (1)

What an amazing place, the Forbidden City in the middle of the insane and overwhelming metropolis of Beijing. This is the moat that surrounds the many royal buildings and football field sized expanses of paved stone.

Garden Buddha on a Sunday Morning


This is my garden Buddha that reminds me on this beautiful Sunday morning, to live mindfully and compassionately. He reminds me to take it easy and to let all anxiety go. Ok. Breathe…

Modern sculpture overlooking Naples

on road to pompei


Interesting how while we were on a day trip from Rome to Pompeii, we were on a hillside and saw these amazing pieces. Pompeii had seemed a little bored with its tourists and bland tourist guides. These pieces seemed to be a modern comment on decay and memory, each apparently left to decay on wild hillsides. They stared at the passing somewhat jaded tourists with a power and freshness that the well-trodden Pompeii site was losing.