Office Art

These are the paintings that currently inhabit my office. I would speculate and say people are either attracted to the abstraction of a white-out or the Face on the Wall.Read more

How The Mind Changes

The Brain Changes Itself. The mind changes in step. Talking, dialogue, friends’ support, pharmacological intervention, lifestyle changes…together, the experience of anxiety and depression is slowly beaten back. That’s psychiatry.      Read more

“The Trauma-Givers”

In the minds of many psychotherapists out there, as they try to make sense of the narratives they have heard in their work and in their lives, sometimes an overarching theme takes form. It is meta-explanation for all the dark material their patients and clients have expressed to them in the near-sacred space of the therapy room. For some, it is biological : dysfunction of brain chemistry. Or it could be social : illness resulting from poverty, social exclusion, unemployment,Read more

Freud on creativity

“A piece of creative writing, like a day-dream, is a continuation of, and a substitute for, what was once the play of childhood.” Freud The same goes for any creative activity. It’s about retaining the freedom and humour and sense of awe we had as children. It’s also about expressing the darkness of childhood and the nightmares the child experiences with such a sense of reality. They later take on tangible forms in adulthood. Such as loss, betrayal, depression andRead more

The purposeĀ 

This is one of the few posts you will ever see here that involves knowledge obtained directly from putting in many hours as a psychiatrist (as well as an artist). I just read an article by some self-appointed and probably well-intentioned authority on how to be successful as an artist. It Ofcourse boiled down to the thesis “keep building your reputation, your prestige, your rating and your profile”. In other words, keep working away at making yourself known by asRead more

New abstracts

“Wearing Short Sleeves at Work”…I have a dear friend, a leader in his medical speciality. He once reminded me that even though we put on a certain professional role at “work”, the power of healing in psychiatry comes from maintaining authenticity to oneself and therefore to our patients. It was exactly what I thought in my own mind. Wearing short sleeves at work refers to being a little more open and less hidden behind a role, a uniform, a tone.Read more

painting after an MRI experience

Inside the MRI…. The sounds are fast staccato bass notes seemingly pitiless , robotic and arriving as if some kind of aural torture…The space is grave-like. Yet somehow hypnotic and soothing. …Like floatation tanks, things are seen in the mind’s eye, if you can go with the flow. They ask “Are you claustrophobic ?” Am now I guess…Read more