Spaces with Paintings

Lately I have been placing my paintings in spaces. I have always been obsessed with the environmental and atmospheric surrounds in which we exist. Paintings sit on the wall, writing on the page or device, and music in between the walls. As a kid, I would compulsively change my furniture around to create a different room. Crazily enough, I still do something similar in painting and in rearranging rooms. We don’t really change that much from kidhood, do we? There are just more layers now. These layers get contained in new rooms, new paintings, new books. Here are a few examples of imagined spaces.

t copy.jpg




  v v v vb .jpg


  nbn   h h h hg .jpg


  nb n .jpg

It’s What YOU see

My friend today saw my old portrait of Donnie Darko in my abstraction about Dread. I love that this is possible in people who actually care enough and look at paintings. Then again, he was recovering in hospital on pain medications, so….hmmmm