Cadmium yellow meditations

Still finishing paintings that are the result of a method I developed with the show breathing down my neck. Having a big solo show always tends to inspire the development of something technically different. That’s why I’m continuing on this style.

One person has spoken to me at length about this hue. It’s my favourite yellow and has much depth and vitality to it.








cadmium meditations.jpg

Conceptual nightmare completes huge diptych


Dreams and nightmares are the royal road to the Unconscious, Freud said. I pretty much concur with our coke-snorting leader. I had a disturbing dream that had an epic quality and a conceptuality that defies definition. I will just define it’s parameters. “Home” was deep in a forest. I returned to find the Significant Other missing. Maybe too many horror movies or too many apocalyptic scenarios in the news lately….but there was a sense of loss. Dream morphed emotionally into nightmare as no one seemed to be reacting to the loss. I could not go into problem-solving mode. Strangely, even within the dream, I could see a parallel with work. Before I can do my thing, my much appreciated receptionist will essentially hand over my task : a referral, a patient, a time limit. My work involves the trigger of my receptionist preparing all the legwork and organisation, then literally I press a button and the glass door slides across. My work then starts. In the dream, I could not start problem-solving this sense of loss because….no one else in the dream seemed to hand the problem over to me. Disconcerting.

With the sun came relief from the strangeness of what looked to me like a grief / loss dream. This very large diptych could be finished (almost) as a paeon to the Sun.