IMG_9202.jpg qwe_HDR.jpegWalking into the setting sun…across all societies, a walking through nature into the transcendent sundown carries great meaning. I’m not sure if it’s the sun or the path or the profusion of nature….there is an archetype of power at work here. For me anyway. Some people don’t even think in these terms at all. Some people see the world as an aesthetic and moral and spiritual flatland. Not here though…

The Lake

There is a lake not far from where we live in the inner city but it seems like it is millennia away in time. For me, lakes are incredibly primordial and sacred. They are a little frightening when the dark of night falls. I like that. The photography is better as the sun sets. Maybe this is when the spirits come out. The lake, in every continent I have sought it out, is communicating to me in a nurturing way. Maybe Jung would say lakes are like a great mother, I don’t know. Whatever the case, a lake is a special liminal zone that we must protect. This one has a wood structure on it, which adds to its great beauty.