confronting the Unconscious

From a series of paintings, this one percolated up from thoughts of the Unconscious. The great book by Ellenberger “The Discovery of the Unconscious” is about how the psychoanalysts started seeing this part of ourselves as a thing. I am painting lines to suggest a power, a machine. I am imagining Jung’s dream of the Unconscious in his memoirs when he walks down the stairs into the earth, to see an altar. I am also thinking about the computer inRead more

More Faces

Someone recently pointed out that one can experience the world through visuo-emotional synaesthesia. That’s a pretty good description of what happens when I am painting these faces. There is also a kind of totemistic allusion going on here. A totem is like a spirit ancestor or an animal deity, in native tribes. Modernistic faces are like this for us, a mostly secularised people who have lost their previous link with the old forms of paleolithic spirituality. For me, its greatRead more