Painting a Book

Often I find myself experiencing or remembering a great book where talking about it means nothing compared to painting it. Yes, that’s right, I try to “paint the book”. This means trying to capture the essence of the narrative of the book, the atmosphere, the landscape. This book “The Discovery of the Unconscious” is one of those great tomes about something hard to get your head around. It’s a book that attempts to explain how psychotherapists developed a working relationshipRead more

Freud on creativity

“A piece of creative writing, like a day-dream, is a continuation of, and a substitute for, what was once the play of childhood.” Freud The same goes for any creative activity. It’s about retaining the freedom and humour and sense of awe we had as children. It’s also about expressing the darkness of childhood and the nightmares the child experiences with such a sense of reality. They later take on tangible forms in adulthood. Such as loss, betrayal, depression andRead more

confronting the Unconscious

From a series of paintings, this one percolated up from thoughts of the Unconscious. The great book by Ellenberger “The Discovery of the Unconscious” is about how the psychoanalysts started seeing this part of ourselves as a thing. I am painting lines to suggest a power, a machine. I am imagining Jung’s dream of the Unconscious in his memoirs when he walks down the stairs into the earth, to see an altar. I am also thinking about the computer inRead more

New abstracts

“Wearing Short Sleeves at Work”…I have a dear friend, a leader in his medical speciality. He once reminded me that even though we put on a certain professional role at “work”, the power of healing in psychiatry comes from maintaining authenticity to oneself and therefore to our patients. It was exactly what I thought in my own mind. Wearing short sleeves at work refers to being a little more open and less hidden behind a role, a uniform, a tone.Read more