Circadian Rhythms

Recent and buiding evidence has shown how we are all running on timed patterns of rising and falling neurochemicals. Our hormones, our neurotransmitters, our insulin sensitivity are likely following a set rhythm. From there you can imagine how our levels of fatigue and motivation and anxiety, to name a few parameters, are interacting in a highly integrated way. I was amazed to see recent evidence of why we have that 2-3pm slump of concentration. It seems a part of ourRead more

trekking Japan

The most other-wordly trip I have ever embarked upon is a self-guided hike through the ancient pilgrimage routes of Japan. These paths exist in the mountains and you come across ancient Buddhist shrines as well as more modern but distinctly memorable holy places, such as this cemetery. Thank you Japan for keeping something special in the post-modern world where everywhere seems the same.    Read more

Haunted by the Dreaming

Even though I have travelled to most of the places in the world that I wanted to, my recent trip to the great North of my country has stayed with me like no other. The paintings that have come from this trip are reminiscent of the lines and linkages in traditional Aboriginal art. I am very conscious that these paintings are “through the eyes of the white man”. I hope my Aboriginal friends understand that these paintings come from aRead more

Selves in Spaces

  Another interesting way of doing self-portraits (or portraits generally, for that matter) is to focus on the home space, the studio space or the work space. The idea is earth-shatteringly simple: the places we inhabit most of the time contain a part of our essence and act like mirrors that reflect the bigger question of True Identity. For example, there are two places excluding work that I inhabit and feel like they reflect back at me my own identity.Read more

The ghosts of the forest studio

Sometimes I don’t get a chance to visit my bush studio for weeks on end as I live in the city. When I do get there, it’s an interesting experience to follow a path in the forest to enter a roomy studio with familiar and large paintings that seem to be made by someone else. (Generally I feel most “good” artists are the best at opening themselves to that creativity that surrounds us.) So the bush studio feels like aRead more

Kubrick and 2001 A Space Odyssey

I have done a recent series of paintings based on the final strange sequence at the end of the film “2001 A Space Odyssey”. In the final scenes, the astronaut seems to be passing into another dimension of space as he moves through a multitude of merging colours. Others have linked this with other themes, such as human transition to another level OR the movement of the individual to a former or later incarnation. It’s a multilayered sequence of possibleRead more

Odd and Haunting Books

Do you have a list of books that you remember, some of which are more strange or irrational than the books you usually read? John Keel’s “The Mothman Prophecies” is one such book for me that describes the journey of a journalist as he investigates a series of alleged sightings of a winged creature in a country region of 60’s USA. Many would consider the book patently silly and ludicrous. It may be these things, but I consider it oneRead more

concepts of art

This is the way I previously described my work. “Organicity” is the concept that I coined. It really boils down to capturing the essence and form of Nature in paintings. In other words, all the lines and structures and repeated forms are all reminiscent of what you see in the world of nature. Energy forms are the parlance of physics, and so many paintings are an attempt to create a visual portrayal of energy, whether it’s electromagnetic or gravitational orRead more

Remembering Med School

As a medical student, you travel the wards of your city’s hospitals. It’s like medical tourism but you are not on holiday… Your are in another country called Disease and you may feel far from home. You may even have transformative experiences. But you are not on holiday, living a romantic life in a far off city of light. Here, now, you dream troubling dreams in which you have become unintelligible to science like a strange scan out of theRead more

Forest in the midway of life

There are very few lines of centuries old poetry that even in translation, hold a secret sway over the minds of modern readers. Dante’s the Divine Comedy begins with such a line. The long poem full of moral judgement and the circles of hell, begins with the poet Virgil lost in a deep forest . But giving it even more power is the additional detail that the calamity of being so lost is happening in the middle age of theRead more