the mind is an ocean

This painting alludes to the world of the microscopic. It relates to mitochondria, the Golgi apparatus etc. At the same time, it mirrors the flow of water and liquid dynamics. So, different levels of the visual nature of biological science are touched upon.

somewhere in Japan


I find Japan the most amazing place. Spirituality, aestheticism and history are melded into architectural and natural spaces like no where else. Although the cities are amazing, it is the hiking paths through the mountains where you see the real Japan. There is nothing like hiking all day and stopping in an ancient inn, a ryokan, and having a bath in the traditional onsen. Nothing like it.

new portrait

will be aiming at a portrait of a friend in recovery from a serious accident (hit by car while riding bike, left for dead). The plan is to juxtapose a CT Chest image with his face pre-accident. I have decided not to use his face photographs just after the accident as they show so much trauma. The CT chest reveals this anyway. No need to double up.