post show momentum

Disco sounds / Don’t stop till you get enough


once the momentum is established, and the studio is cleaned up, the trip can continue….


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The ghosts of the forest studio

Sometimes I don’t get a chance to visit my bush studio for weeks on end as I live in the city. When I do get there, it’s an interesting experience to follow a path in the forest to enter a roomy studio with familiar and large paintings that seem to be made by someone else. (Generally I feel most “good” artists are the best at opening themselves to that creativity that surrounds us.) So the bush studio feels like a  decaying and abandoned monument in a forest few people ever enter. This is how the place feels. Special to me at least. The meditation deck next to it adds to the atmosphere. Ghosts everywhere.



The studio

I’ve had many studios in my life, some huge, others a little cramped. Even though I now live in a biggish house, my studio feels small because of all the materials in it. Studios are great spaces as they are the workshop of the artist and are hopefully a place where authenticity and practical productivity meet. Here are some recent shots of mine. I’m lucky enough to have access to a second studio hidden away in bush land which is roomier but then lacks the intimacy of my home studio.