“Understanding” abstraction

Someone (who works in design) asks me how to “understand” abstract paintings. Obviously there has to be an entry point for non-representational, non-figurative art. Although I think the word “understand” gives too much emphasis to Left Brain / analytical and reductive approaches to what is an art work, it is helpful for some of us to have a way of thinking about abstraction. So I did a drawing summarising my process of painting. Even the basic idea that I am seeking to echo the natural can quickly provide a point of entry.




new directions before a show

Many artists will tell you that an imminent show can bring you to developing somewhat different techniques. It’s part of the desire to create something interesting via a vis what you have already done. So a current example is my grey series. I have always had a starnge thing with grey. Most people with an art vocabulary will usually describe my art as luscious or intensely colourful. In reality, I have always been fascinated by dark, almost black and white works. Add in my sculpurality and you get these Greys…

spider web.JPG